We bring deep technical and financial expertise to our clients, sharpened by years of experience in water.

KMM Consulting helps clients around the globe leverage opportunities in the world of water. Perhaps no time in our history has water played such an important role in the present and future of our daily lives and our economies. It truly has lived up to its reputation as “The Blue Gold.”

The water industry is full of exciting opportunities. Innovation and the development of new technologies abound. Interest in sustainable investing continues to grow as does achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. But at the same time, challenges are also present, and charting a course in the world of water requires deep knowledge and experience to realize success.

From its base in Switzerland, KMM Consulting offers its clients decades of experience in the water business plus the benefits of keen insights sharpened by work around the world. Whether your need is for business strategy, local or global business development, or transactional advisory, KMM Consulting can help.

Karl Michael Millauer has been a leader in the global water business for more than two decades.

Karl Michael Millauer, DDr. Managing Director

Karl Michael Millauer, DDr. Managing Director

One of the world’s most highly respected consultants/advisors for the international water market, Karl Michael Millauer brings to clients around the world extensive experience and expertise in the water industry. His firm, KMM Consulting, leverages his huge network in the water business with a clear focus on mergers & acquisitions and capital raising mandates as well as project and business development, and project and BOT financing.

His experience in finance and management runs deep. Prior to entering into the water business, he worked in the banking industry, where he was involved in project financing and then acted as Chief Financial Officer in different industries. In January 2001, he became Chief Operating Officer of Austrian-based BWT Group. Within this organization, he built up, as Chief Executive Officer, the Christ Water Technology Group, a EPC group with a strong foothold in semiconductors, pharmaceuticals, municipal and general industries, which went public in late 2005. During his tenure at Christ Water Technology Group, he increased the company’s revenues from 60 mio EUR to 300 mio EUR.

In late 2008, Mr. Millauer joined Aquatech International, a US-based company with a strong international presence, as Senior Vice President. There, his main role was International Business Development for the Aquatech group.

In late 2013, he founded Aquarion Group and joined the company as its Chief Executive Officer. Headquartered in Switzerland, Aquarion Group is a global, active system integrator group for industrial process and waste water and recycle and reuse solutions. Aquarion AG bought German-based H+E in 2014. Under his leadership, Aquarion Group had operations in Germany, Switzerland, Italy, UK, the UAE, Chile, Russia and Southeast Asia.

Since mid-2020, Mr. Millauer has been a consultant for the water business.

A native of Austria, he earned a Dr. iuris (Doctor of Law) degree at the University of Law in Vienna. Subsequently, he received his MBA in General Business Administration at the University of Economy of Vienna where he then earned a Doctorate in General Business Administration. His doctoral dissertation, which concentrated on International Project Financing, was several times honored with distinction and then published as a book. In addition, Mr. Millauer received a Diploma with Distinction at the Diplomatic Academy in Vienna, where he completed two years post-graduate studies on International Economics.

KMM Consulting provides a comprehensive suite of services for clients around the world.


KMM Consulting is focused solely on the water business. We provide a comprehensive suite of services for clients around the world aimed at helping them manage their growth, uncover new opportunities, or access new markets.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Sell-side mandates for water companies

Buy-side mandates for water companies, searching markets according to profile

Support in commercial due diligence

Support with post-merger integration

Finance and Funding

Capital raise mandates for startup companies and water companies

Facilitating BOT financing

Facilitating project financing with access to local export financing schemes

Business Development

Helping SME companies access international markets with their products, technology, or solutions

Helping water companies with access to European markets

Establishment of consortiums or cooperation between local partners and international EPC companies for selected water treatment projects

Finding suitable local partners for international EPC companies for selected projects

Strategic Support

Market Research

Support in recruiting top talents

Expertise on emerging new innovative water technologies

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