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All the water that will ever be is, right now.”


Who we are

At KMM Consulting, we help clients around the globe leveraging opportunities in the world of water

By bringing together different businesses or by helping them optimizing their operations, we are contributing to the proper treatment, recovery and reuse of one of the most important natural resources available on Earth, making our planet a better place to live

We do know Water

  • Water – potable & process
  • Wastewater – municipal & industrial
  • Water reuse & resource recovery
  • Contaminants of Emerging Concern
  • Digital solutions for water & wastewater treatment

What we do

We provide water companies with a broad portfolio of services:

Mergers & Acquisitions

We support you during mergers, acquisitions and other transactions by helping you finding the right partner and removing obstacles

Financing & Funding

We help you with raising or investing money in order to support your growth

Business Development

We facilitate your entry into new markets via our wide network of contacts

Strategic Support

As uncertainity grows, so does the need of external, unbiased support to formulate your Strategy. At KMM Consulting, we are here to help!

Market Intelligence

Thanks to our experience and network, we can help you navigating the market and gather the information you need to secure your growth plans

Food for thought

Here we will be posting our water market insights as we believe knowledge sharing is the fundament of any successful cooperation

Water – The Blue Gold

Water - The Blue Gold Perhaps no time in our history has water played such an important role in the present and future of our daily lives and our economies. It [...]

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