Water – The Blue Gold

Perhaps no time in our history has water played such an important role in the present and future of our daily lives and our economies. It truly is living up to its reputation as “The Blue Gold”!

Because of the climate change and population growth, water scarcity is looming on many areas of the world, highlighting the importance of water saving and recovery. Furthermore, an effort in reducing water and wastewater treatment emissions is required. As well, resource recovery is another opportunity when treating wastewater (for instance, phosphorus is a scarce element which is needed for agriculture).

Tightening regulations (such as the new European Urban Wastewater Treatment Directive) require new technologies to increase conventional pollutants removal (in case of municipal sewage, mainly organic substances, nitrogen, phosphorus bacteria and viruses) as well as to remove contaminants of emerging concerns, such as microplastics, antibiotics, herbicides and pesticides and PFAS.

As such, the water industry is full of exciting opportunities. Innovations and new technologies are abundant like never before. Interest in sustainable investing continues to grow as does the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. But, at the same time, challenges are also present, and charting a successful course in the world of water requires deep knowledge and experience.